Introducing our 5 step process that Mora Business Solutions, Inc. uses to offer you our bookkeeping services so you can get ready with all the financial statements you need to file your business income tax return or to have them ready whenever you may need them.

1. Client Interview

2. Sign Bookkeeping Service Agreement

3. Bookkeeping Set Up Process

  • We categorize your Checking and/or Credit Cards Accounts transactions,

  • We help you select the best Quickbooks Online subscription based on your needs,

  • We adapt chart of accounts to your business needs,

4. Bookkeeping transactions management

  • We manually add your cash transactions, when necessary,

  • We reconcile your Credit Cards and Bank Account Statements per month,

  • We prepare your Financial Statements (Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheet)

5. Financial Statements Delivery

We deliver your Profit and Loss Statement and/or Balance Sheet either by e-mail or printed. If you need help to review your financial statements, we can schedule an appointment.

Benefits of  bookkeeping system for your business

When you have good accounting record there are several benefits you can get:

  • You improve your business expenses control,

  • You maximize your tax expenses control,

  • You have access to financial statements promptly,

  • You can make better investments decisions, therefore,

  • You increase your profits

Other indirect bookkeeping benefits

The fact that you have immediate access to your financial statements allows you to:

  • Ability to apply for Mortgage Loans,

  • Submit Financial statement to Loan Officers or Banks when requested,

  • Better chance to qualify to purchase business assets,

  • Possibility to expand business services,

  • Increase options to get Capital Loans,