Payroll services workflow.

Introducing our 5 step process that Mora Business Solutions, Inc. uses to offer you our payroll

1. Client Interview

2. Sign Payroll Service Agreement

3. Payroll Set Up Process

  • We help you select the best QuickBooks Online subscription based on your needs,

  • We connect your Bank Account to your QuickBooks Online Account to be used as your payroll account,

  • We prepare employee packages,

  • We set up employees for check or direct deposit

4. Payroll Management

  • We help you establish the right payroll schedule for your business

  • We email paystubs to employees and prepare a weekly or biweekly payroll report

  • We pay your federal and state payroll taxes

  • We file your 941, CA DE 9 quarterly

Payroll Records Delivery

We deliver your payroll reports by e-mail or printed. We file your employees W2s. If you need help to reviewing your payroll statements, we can schedule an appointment.

Benefits of having a good payroll system for your business

  • You save time – so you can focus in running your business,

  • You avoid making mistakes which can be very costly

  • You have access to payroll records promptly

Other indirect payroll benefits

  • Data Security – Payroll files contain personal information that needs protection,

  • Cost effective,

  • Accurate payroll tax calculations,

  • Reliability,

  • Costumer Support